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The unthinkable has happened. Planet Earth has run out of room. For every baby born, another human must die. There's no longer sufficient food, nor resources, to sustain population growth. Individuals who do not contribute toward the common good of society are considered undesirable.


Man has devised a spine-chilling survival competition to eliminate those who deviate from the law. The world's worst offenders are marked for termination. The good hunt the bad before a live, interactive audience.


Keep your "violation count" low or you will be next!


This action adventure challenges the reader's imagination with original, clever concepts. Immerse yourself in a captivating world where planet Earth is dreadfully overcrowded, and deep space exploration offers hope for finding habitable planets in an attempt to avoid extinction.


Fans who savored the excitement of predecessors like "The Hunger Games," "The Running Man," "Water World," and "The Purge" will again want to ride this new wave of dystopian intrigue!

"Imaginative concepts and colorful writing style, with great potential for film adaptation. A must-read for Sci Fi dystopian fans!"

--Hank Moore, Entrepreneur, FormerWhite House Advisor, and Six-Time Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author

This plot has the potential to spur a "you have to see this movie" craze among science fiction, dystopian, and action adventure audiences.

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