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For every baby born, another human must die. Who will get selected for termination? Earth is failing and mankind is running out of time.

An individual’s "violation-count" increases with every infraction against society. Those with the highest numbers are the first to go. Their misgivings have earned them an ominous fate. They are forced into a giant cage for a ceremonial fight-to-the-death survival competition. A terrifying event that takes place before a live, interactive audience.

MAXIMUM CAPACITY combines two deeply compelling themes: the allure of a dystopian society in peril, and the fascination of deep space exploration. A secret faction of leaders takes advantage of the common people under the grip of fear. Their selfish interests and cruel methods cost many lives. A powerful and mysterious figure must decide if loyalty to the regime is worth the cost of their moral values. Stunning revelations shock the unsuspecting imaginations of science fiction enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in a dystopian world where planet Earth is dying, the good people of the world take control, and man desperately searches for new, habitable planets in an attempt to avoid extinction.

Dare to enter the incredible world of MAXIMUM CAPACITY!

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