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        About The Author


Troy is a professional employee with 35 years of federal service in the Intelligence Community. He was born the day that man first stepped foot on the surface of the moon. This marked a profound event in space exploration history. He developed a fond appreciation for the planet and the majestic beauty of all of its living things.


Inspired by science, nature, and outer space, he hopes that readers will enjoy immersing themselves into this captivating dystopian world, and at the same time garner a deeper appreciation for Earth’s precious resources.


It's unsettling to think that some day planet Earth will succumb to the forces of the solar system. Somewhat more comforting, though, is the notion that given the sheer size and complexity of the universe - mathematically speaking, there is a high probability that another Earth-like planet exists. If it does, can we find it? Can we travel there? Will it harbor other lifeforms?

Now, consider an Earth that has become dreadfully overcrowded. One which is depleted of its life-giving sustenance. One which has reached its maximum sustainable population. What will we do?


The author has generated a unique adventure that plays out in a world that seems impossible, yet is frighteningly eminent. The result - a fascinating journey into a futuristic dystopian society where population control requires that the good hunt the bad in a ceremonial fight-to-the-death.


This Sci Fi / dystopian hybrid challenges the imagination from all angles. Troy is excited to present it to you today.

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