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  • Troy Suesse

Cicadas - Out / Hooded Tick Spiders - In! (July 2021)

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

And they're about to invade book stores everywhere! Well, sort of.

Did you know Ricinulei is the scientific name for the hooded tick spider? What - does that mean it's half tick, half spider? How gross is that? The hooded tick spider (which is actually an arachnid - closely related to the tick) carries a hood feature on its body which can be raised and lowered over its head. I'm not making this up!

But, Troy, WHAT in the world does that have to do with MAXIMUM CAPACITY?? I'm GLAD you asked!

Ricinulei is actually the last name of the lead antagonist in MAXIMUM CAPACITY! Seem strange? Well, many might consider this character a bit strange at first. But, as the plot plays out, they might just grow on you! The name fits right in with the names of a number of other key characters in this novel. More about them later!

So, tell me, were you excited to see the 17-year cicada this year, or were you terrified of them?

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